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Enabling Great Minds
and Strong Characters


“I love ISR! I have friends and teachers from different countries – lessons are fun. And, I can speak English and German now.”

Mana, Japan


“I find the togetherness of my classmates particularly remarkable at ISR as well as the relationship between teachers and students. Everyone helps everyone, and everyone sticks together. This is not only felt during schooltime but also at the great ISR events.”

Leah, Netherlands/Germany

Jonathan, Kaspian

“I like ISR because we get good help from the teachers especially in the beginning when its hard. They really made me feel welcome.”

Jonathan, Sweden

“I like this school because it is fun at the breaks, and I like my new friends Arian, Josh, Sid and Johannes. But it’s not only about the friends for me; I like the teachers because we can laugh with them. And, it is really important that we have good teachers. I’m lucky! ISR is a really good school.”

Kaspian, Sweden

Jones Family

“The kids particularly enjoy that ISR feels like a little comfy village where everyone knows everybody and is friendly.  They also like all of the diverse after-school activities on offer.  Our little ones love to dance and think it’s great that older children read books aloud to them.  Our older ones think it’s lovely that respect of others is highly regarded at ISR; they learn how to deal well with conflict as a result.”

The Jones Family, USA/Germany

Inai Family

“Since joining ISR in September, our son enjoys going to Kindergarten very much. We know it is because of the teachers, staff, academic curriculum, school facilities and everything at ISR. It is our great pleasure to watch his development.”

The Inai Family, Japan