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Dear Ms. Jordanova

“Dear Ms. Jordanova,

“I am writing to you today to say THANK YOU so much for helping my son in his SAT II Math preparations. Thank you for taking the time to fill in the gaps that hadn’t been covered yet in the IB curriculum. I am excited to inform you that he scored a perfect 800 on this math subject test. This would not have been possible without your help!

“I am cc’ing Ms. Lyons, Ms. Adams and Mr. Soliman as I want to share with them what a dedicated and wonderful teacher you are! The IB curriculum is sequenced differently from the US math curriculum and therefore, some math concepts are taught in 12th grade only and some are not taught at all! However, you took the time to teach him the concepts needed as my son chose to take the more difficult Level 2 for the SAT II’s.

“Your efforts have come through and I am so thankful to know that my son is attending such a wonderful school with so many awesome teachers who are always there to help! If it wasn’t for your commitment, my son couldn’t have achieved a perfect score!

“On a side note, he received a 790 in the German SAT II - which is also great but we are so, so excited about his math score because that test is really hard!

“Have a great summer!”

A Very Grateful ISR Parent


“I really miss being a student at ISR! I miss the great atmosphere, all of my former teachers and my classmates. It was a great pleasure and honor for me to be able to attend this great school. Every day spent at the school was a gift. I could not wait for my alarm clock to ring in the morning, to get up and go to school. Getting up in the morning and coming to school felt like arriving at a second home. Being welcomed by the staff in the morning everyone knowing your name made me feel welcome.

“ISR with all its great teachers, students and staff was like a family to me. The teachers were amazing and I hope (and know) that they still are. On top of being competent and dedicated (coming in on weekends to help us study for exams. Incredible!), they made us laugh, helped us out whenever they could and helped me set the highest goals possible and also achieve them. I still cannot forget how much they cared and tried to support us! Thinking about those times still makes me smile!

“University isn’t half as much fun and half as great. I now feel as if I am missing a part of me. I often think about the great time I had and just wish that I could turn back time, be sixteen again and attend grade 11. So far, these were the best years of my life. And if one day I have children of my own I know where to send them to school, where they will be in good hands and where they will get the best education anyone can dream off.

“I just want to thank everyone again for the most awesomest time I had. I am also very glad that everything turned out well for the school. It would have been a great loss if that school would have needed to close. I wish everyone the best and hope that I will be able to attend the next international day, open house day or any other day.”


Yasin, Mahmoud, Mostafa

“I enjoy sports at ISR.”

Yasin, Egypt

“I enjoy the activities & my friends at ISR.”

Mahmoud, Egypt

“I enjoy music at ISR.”

Mostafa, Egypt

William, Victoria

“In the beginning, I couldn’t speak English. Then, I got so much help from the teachers that I enjoy learning at ISR. I like sports and music at ISR even more!”

William, China

“At ISR I have so many friends from all over the world. So many nice teachers, so many fun activities. I’m so happy!”

Victoria, China

Kiourtsoglou Family

“ISR is more than a private school; it is an institution and part of our life. Our children are happy to share the daily unique international experience with other students and the ISR staff . Our family, and especially our children, are very proud and happy to assist in all the festivities throughout the year. As we say in Greek, ‘the first 100 years of existence are difficult.’ We congratulate ISR on a job well done already in its first 10 years and for giving our children educational tools for a better future.”

The Kiourtsoglou Family, Greece