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Happy Easter

Easter celebrations began early in Kindergarten. Easter stories, games and an egg hunt are just some of the exciting things the children did in kindergarten. Our Easter celebration continued with a fun party on the last day of school before Spring Break. Thank you to everyone who joined us in our Easter party fun.

Happy Easter to all of our ISR Families.

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Henkel: Sustainability

Last Friday Mr. Jan-Dirk Auris, Executive Vice President, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, visited ISR and held a workshop with the Gr. 4 students on the theme: Sustainability. The students were highly engaged and took some time afterwards to reflect on how they, as younger citizens of planet Earth, can take better care of the environment.

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“BIG HEAD” Art Project Exhibition

Ms Henebry’s Grade 9 Big Head project was inspired by the Easter Island statues, and also by Karnival. The 9th graders created working drawings, and then constructed 3D wearable head pieces out of cardboard.

Don't miss this colourful exhibition! It will remain in the foyer until the end of April.

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ISR International Spring Festival 2017

On Saturday, March 25th, about 900 guests, partners and friends of ISR came together to celebrate the ISR International Spring Festival 2017 in bright sunshine. Many ISR families from more than 40 nations came dressed in traditional costumes. In addition to introducing their regional games and crafts they brought delicious homemade specialties from all over the world for an amazing “Taste of the World” buffet.

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Term 2 achievements

Primary students celebrated their Term 2 Achievements during the awards assemblies for Grades 1–4 and Grades 5–6. We are so proud of all of our students – ISR has a lot of avid readers!

In addition, over 120 award certificates were presented to the Grades 7 to 12 students for excellence in Term 2. These awards are great additions to student portfolios for university admission later on. Keep up the good work!

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On Friday 26th March the football ISR heroes played in an U11 football tournament vs 6 other schools. ISR had a talented group of players 4 of which were two ages groups below. The boys played fantastically well throughout the day, winning every game they played and only conceding two goals during the tournament. We’re so proud of you Amin, Gordey, Eric, Alex, Moritz, Justus, Magnus, Joh, Zile, Eren Nikan and Eioto!

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Friendly Basketball Game U12 St. George’s versus ISR

On Friday we hosted the Basketball Tournament with ISR students playing against students of the International School St. George’s Duisburg. Our youngsters showed a lot of ambition and team spirit on both ends of the court. Those students who didn’t play encouraged their team and helped them play even better. Both teams showed excellent sporting skills and stamina, considering their young age. We are looking forward to the next game!

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