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Enabling Great Minds
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ISR Mini Olympics 2015

This past Saturday, over 250 children came to the school to compete in tug-of-war, sack races, soccer games, goal shooting practice with the DEG, and many more activities. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the friendly competitions. Afterwards, children and parents could fill their stomachs with delicious food from the grill, a variety of salads, and a plethora of cakes. Once everyone was full, Mareen, head of SLO®, announced that the winner of this year’s Mini Olympics was the Blue Team.

Thank you SLO® and all of the helpers who made this day possible! We would also like to thank our honoured guests Mr. Grigoris Delavekouras from the Greek Consul and Mr Thomas Nickel for taking time to visit us and our families. It was a great day!

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Music Highlights

Music has been on a lot of students’ minds this past week.

On Friday, May 29th, some of our students from Grades 3–5 participated in the instrument carousel where they were exposed to a variety of different musical instruments. Each instrument was shown off by performers who explained which sounds that instrument is capable of making and what makes it unique. Afterwards, the children enthusiastically tried to imitate the performers.

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MUN 2015 Rostock

“Heading for health and humanity” was the overall theme of this year’s Baltic Model United Nations (MUN) conference held in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Rostock, Germany. This large, reputable and well-organised venue saw eleven of ISR’s grade 11 students successfully represent the countries of Saudi Arabia and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

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Kindergarten Field Trip to the Duisburg Zoo

On Thursday, 21st May, our Kindergarten groups 2A and 2B went on a wonderful field trip to the Duisburg Zoo. They were accompanied by Ms. O’Reilly, Ms. MacRae, Ms. Schaefer, Ms. Rademaker, Ms. Dospinescu, and Ms. Brenninkmeyer.

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Spotlight on a special student’s achievements

This week, NGZ wrote an article about one of our students who has had a continuing streak of success, Ms. Lena Charlotte Walterscheidt. Last week she competed in the Neuss-Grefrather Dressurtage (a dressage tournament that takes place over the span of a few days). She won both golden ribbons for her performance on Thursday with an impressive 70.357 %. However, she didn’t stop there.

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“The little dragon who wants to marry”

The much anticipated puppet show “The little dragon who wants to marry” was brilliantly preformed on May 21st at ISR. Mr. Alexander Betov dazzled Grades 1–6 through his enchanting story told by puppets. We laughed with and supported the little dragon who wanted to find his happiness in all the wrong places.

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Model United Nations (MUN) Rostock

At the end of May, twelve of our Grade 11 students will participate in the Baltic Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Rostock. Here, they will showcase their debate skills through discussions with other international students about their knowledge of current events and important global issues. Good luck!

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