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Kick-Off Party Grades 7 & 8

ISR families from Grade 7 & 8 students got together last Sunday to go bowling. These Kick-Off parties for the different grades offer the opportunity for parents of old and new students to get together and mingle. Everyone had a lot of fun seeing familiar faces and making new friends.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made it such a wonderful experience!

First Day of School

Dear ISR families, friends, and students,

We had the pleasure of welcoming 98 new students, parents, and families to ISR so far this school year. Today was an important day especially for our little ones. With “Schultüten” in hand, we welcomed three classes of 43 first graders to their first day of school.

We are looking forward to getting to know you all better!

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A look back at ISR Summer School 2015

Summer, Sun, Games and Fun: this year too we opened our doors to local students who attended our annual Summer School. Summer school participants (Kindergarten to Grade 6) enjoyed the beautiful weather and attended a unique program that was both educational and fun.

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Season Opening of the Düsseldorf EG

Accompanied by glorious summer weather, the season opening of the Düsseldorf EG started with a bang on Saturday 1st August 2015. Hundreds of fans, enthusiasts, sponsors and sports enthusiasts joined the team at the forecourt of ISS Dome to kick off the start of a new successful season. ISR contributed to the good mood and was represented though its mascot Spirit and the brilliant yellow school bus. Younger fans were especially excited to meet our mascot Spirit and danced with him in the sun. The older fans clamored to be photographed in front of the traditional American school bus.

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New ISR School Bus

Dear friends of ISR!

ISR is in motion with our new American style school bus we have been long waited for! We would be delighted to meet you all on our tour through the region with our new bus!

No bright sun in Neuss today, but we are happy for our bright yellow bus!