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The Giant Turnip

On the 22nd November our SLO Russian Culture Club performed a stage performance named “The Giant Turnip”, it is a Russian folk tale. It was a lovely performance and our students had a lot of fun while performing. Ms. Lyons our school director, a few teachers, students and of course proud parents watched the performance with a strong message behind it “Together we can do anything”. At the end they sang a song about friendship with the conclusion that friendship is the key to solving most problems.

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G8 Social Studies Trip to Rome

From November 24th to 27th, selected Grade 8 Social Studies students went on a study trip to Rome and Pompeii. It was a very successful trip. The students received guided tours of the Colosseum and ancient Roman Forum, which gave some context to our studies of the Roman Republic. This immersion was furthered with an extensive tour of the Pompeii excavation. It was fascinating to see in such detail and immaculate preservation the daily lives of ancient Romans.

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20 Footballs from the Carnival Committee Neuss for the Young Footballers of the ISR

Yesterday, the President of the Carnival Committee Neuss e. V.  Jakob Beyen, visited our school to hand over a donation of 20 footballs to our youngest students. This was followed by great cheering from our first and second graders. Football Coach Karsten Baumann gratefully said, “New football equipment is always very welcome.” With great commitment, the former professional footballer coaches and encourages the young talents at our school.

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Social Studies Trip grade 5 to the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Cologne

Grade 5 Social Studies students who were accompanied by Ms Lange, Mr Foy and Mr Urban, had a wonderful day out in Cologne last Friday. They visited the ethnological Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum and were lucky to see some fascinating and breath-taking exhibits of different world cultures. A particular highlight was the big Hindu shrine and the traditional Sioux tepee exhibit, which crossed over nicely with what the children have been reading about in their English class readers.

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Dribble artists, short-pass aces and penalty kickers at ISR

For the second time, we organized the “DFB-Paule-Schnupper-Abzeichen” on Friday, the 24th. Seventy girls and boys from ISR and neighbouring schools, dribbled, fitted and shot at the three stations in the ISR Sports Hall. No problem for the aspiring football talents, even though the station Elferkönig (penalty kickers) was a special challenge for some.

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“Reading is Fun” at ISR

On Nov 23rd November we were pleased to welcome Mrs Martina Biermann, chairwoman of the “Duesseldorf Reads Out” network and Mr Heinz Mölder, president of the children foundation “Reading Educates”. Mrs Biermann held a four hour certified seminar on the topic “Different approaches and ways of reading aloud to a young audience” which was attended by seven IB CAS students as well as interested mothers. Our IB students will use what they learned in this seminar when they start conducting reading out sessions with primary students at the Görresschule Neuss in the upcoming months.

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ISR @ Neuss Erftlauf running event

On Saturday November 18th the NEUSS-ERFTLAUF running event took place – ISR came out as #1 ! ! !

Here some of our successes:

  • ISR had a total of 21 kids in the BAMBINI race over 400m!
  • ISR won a trophy for the Neuss school with the highest number of runners (Teilnehmerstärkste Schule)!
  • ISR then also won the prize the fastest Neuss School for the combined results of our 10 fastest runners (schnellste Neusser Schule)!
  • Ben O. came out 1st in his race for U12 boys/girls, beating an ex-student of ours, Benedict D. by 12 seconds!
  • Merlin R. was 3rd overall in the same race for U12
  • Several other boys and girls ran in the U10 and U12 races and had a blast!
  • Nikki Johnstone ran and won the 15K race
  • Ms Lordeman ran her first ever 5K and totally rocked it! Amazing!

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