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ISR is located in the western part of Neuss, just within the A57 Autobahn ring and north of Rheydter Straße. The campus is situated directly at the edge of the Neuss city woods and opposite outdoor regional sports facilities.

Our address is:
Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 2
41464 Neuss


Reach ISR via Car

important – and temporary – traffic information from the State of NRW

White “ISR Internationale Schule” signs are posted in the city to help direct visitors to ISR.

If you are using a GPS/Navigational System, you may need to enter “Klever Strasse” as the address as Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 2 is newly established. ISR is across the Konrad-Adenauer-Ring from Klever Straße; the side street is named “Stoffelsweg”.

If you are coming to ISR via the Autobahn (highway)...

  • Follow the A57 to the Neuss-Büttgen exit.
  • Exit the freeway and, at the traffic light, follow the road in the direction of Neuss.
  • At the traffic light of the Konrad-Adenauer-Ring/Rheydter Straße intersection (ca. 900 meters), turn left onto Konrad-Adenauer-Ring.
  • After 400 meters, you will drive under an overpass and then come to a traffic light at which you will turn left.
  • The school is on the left-hand side of the street.

Reach ISR via Public Bus

The school can be reached in 7 minutes by bus number 849 from the main train station (“Neuss Hauptbahnhof”) bus stop No.2 (“Kapitelstraße”). The bus will drop you off at the corner of Rheydter Straße and Konrad-Adenauer-Ring at a stop called Alter Friedhof”. After exiting the bus, you will need to walk along Konrad-Adenauer-Ring in the direction of the train bridge overpass. The school is ca. 500 meters from the bus stop on the left side of Konrad-Adenauer-Ring.

map of the varying bus stops at the Neuss HBF

Buses For Students

Extra buses (E-Buses) have been organized to transport ISR students to and from the school using the “Klever Straße” bus stop. This stop is located right at Konrad-Adenauer-Ring; students still need to walk ca. 50m to reach the ISR parking lot.

In the Morning

BusDeparture from Neuss Hbf.Arrival
E-Bus 07:51 – from Hbf. bus stop 5 (“Further Straße/Zufuhrstraße”) 07:56 – at bus stop “Klever Straße”
849 07:53 – from Hbf. bus stop 3 (“Kapitelstraße”) 07:59 – at bus stop “Alter Friedhof”
E-Bus 07:59 – from Hbf. bus stop 5 (“Further Straße/Zufuhrstraße”) 08:04 – at bus stop Klever Straße”
E-Bus 08:04 – from Hbf. bus stop 5 (“Further Straße/Zufuhrstraße”) 08:09 – at bus stop Klever Straße”

In the Afternoon

BusDepartureArrival at Neuss Hbf.
849 15:13 – from bus stop “Alter Friedhof” 15:20 – at Hbf. bus stop 3 (“Krefelder Straße”)
849 15:33 – from bus stop “Alter Friedhof” 15:40 – at Hbf. bus stop 3 (“Krefelder Straße”)
849 15:53 – from bus stop “Alter Friedhof” 16:00 – at Hbf. bus stop 3 (“Krefelder Straße”)
849 16:13 – from bus stop “Alter Friedhof” 16:20 – at Hbf. bus stop 3 (“Krefelder Straße”)
E-Bus 16:16 – from bus stop “Klever Straße” 16:21 – at Hbf. bus stop 1 (“Further Straße”)
849 16:33 – from bus stop “Alter Friedhof” 16:40 – at Hbf. bus stop 3 (“Krefelder Straße”)
849 16:53 – from bus stop “Alter Friedhof” 17:00 – at Hbf. bus stop 3 (“Krefelder Straße”)
849 17:13 – from bus stop “Alter Friedhof” 17:20 – at Hbf. bus stop 3 (“Krefelder Straße”)
849 17:33 – from bus stop “Alter Friedhof” 17:40 – at Hbf. bus stop 3 (“Krefelder Straße”)

Further information

Important Information: The VRR is currently planning to stop granting the “SchokoTicket” to supplementary schools. The reason is that the respective towns pay a portion of costs directly to the VRR. These costs cannot be covered by ISR; in that case ISR would have to raise the school fees in general. Therefore, we have contacted the VDP (Verband Deutscher Privatschulen Nordrhein-Westfalen e. V.) which will aim to clarify this problem. However, at this point in time it is doubtful whether this has any chance of success.

Using a “SchokoTicket” for ISR students is possible but unfortunately also complicated. Interested parties must pay for a one-year public transportation pass directly at VRR. ISR must charge interested parents an additional 7€/month per child except for one month of summer holidays i. e. 77€ per annum in advance for the entire school year. ISR then transfers this money to Stadtwerke Neuss. Further information about handling procedures may be obtained from the Corporate Department at 02131 40388-160.