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Lunch and Kiosk

Lunch is prepared onsite in our cafeteria by Sodexo. Students, who have chosen the Sodexo plan, can freely choose from the three menus what they would like to eat. There is always a vegetarian and international menu choice. The lunch option also includes a salad buffet and a dessert buffet.

Students can decide what they would like to eat at the food counter. Furthermore, in order to take intercultural needs into consideration, the menu is planned and improved upon together with the ISR Food Committee (including parents’ participation). Additionally, the DGE guidelines have been adapted and implemented. In order to ensure a smooth eating experience for our young pupils, Kindergarten students will be served at the table and will no longer have to stand in line. Registered parents can access information about lunch and what their child is eating through the “So hAPPy” app.

The school Kiosk also offers a variety of snacks and “to go” meals throughout the day. Regulations have been put into place in regard to sweet and sugary items to comply with our concept of healthy nutrition. Of course, we also encourage regular dental check-ups for our students and practice good dental hygiene with our Kindergarten and elementary students.

If you have any further questions, please contact Sodexo’s Service Center Hotline at 03494 6694400 or for English please contact Mrs. Nadine Haselbauer at 03494 6694487. You can also contact us for more information at 02131 40388-0.