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Welcome to Grades 5–8 – Lower Secondary School!

As the AQC, I have a complete overview of the students’ academics in grades 5–8 (lower secondary school). I enjoy being able to witness students learning in action in a variety of settings. Collaborating with staff on how to create engaging learning experiences and talking with parents about how to support their child’s learning and development are at least two more reasons why I look forward to coming to work each day.

My goal is to aid teachers in teaching students the skills to be independent, critical thinkers as well as thoughtful individuals who take part in personal reflection on the cultures and world around them. I believe that as teachers we are responsible for developing responsible world citizens who are confident in using their skills to tackle the predicaments of the future.

I strive to foster an active learning community where students work together, respect one another’s opinions, and listen to each other’s perspectives. As an administrator I see myself working with educators to help them guide instruction in a variety of ways, ranging from whole class, direct instruction and discussions when appropriate to guiding individual student learning in groups based on skill and/or interests. 

What I’m really looking forward to is seeing the wonderful individuals our students turn into while they are at ISR (and afterwards).

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rageb dina 2017My name is Dina Rageb and I am the AQC for grades 5–8. I am married and have three wonderful children.

My higher educational path led me to a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt. Afterwards, I took several courses in Educational Leadership at the American University also located in Cairo, Egypt.

With theoretical knowledge in hand, I have gained practical experience in the field of education over 20 years. I started in a private school in Cairo and then switched to SABIS® in August 2000 where I worked in various positions. My professional career grew from being a Math teacher for grades 3 to 12, to the Head of the Math Department, to AQC and finally to being a Regional AQC for grades 5 to 12.

Working in the field of education has always been my passion. I feel that it is my true calling in life to guide children through their teenage years academically as well as emotionally. Being part of their lives and watching them grow into fine young people is extremely rewarding and satisfying.

I am very much looking forward to joining the academic team at ISR and getting to know the students in my section. It is going to be a great academic year.

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Ms. Rageb

Academic Quality Coordinator (AQC) Grades 5–8

Ms. Rageb

Ms. Rageb

Academic Quality Coordinator (AQC) Grades 5–8

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