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At ISR, the counselling and discipline issues for grades 5–12 are addressed by the School Director, Ms Eileen Lyons, as well as the Academic Coordinators – Ms. McGee and Ms. Rageb. The Student Management Assistant, Ms. David Cappel, supports the team in the administrative and discipline related tasks. An important member of the team is the School Counsellor, Ms. Stacey Collins. Ms Collins is a trained social worker and brings a wealth of experience in the field of child and family counselling with her.

Advising Class: Social & Emotional Learning

To complement the social and emotional development of our students, the teachers give weekly advising classes, also known as value education classes, on a range of topics. In the lower grades topics include personal hygiene, health and exercise, conflict resolution with friends, problem-solving skills, time management and exam preparation techniques. In higher grades, advising classes include leadership topics, team spirit, finding balance in life, interview skills and emotional intelligence, among many other themes.

School Community Building: At ISR, we care!

School life is our children’s first interaction with society and the world. Their experiences and interactions influence their life-long attitudes, thoughts and behaviors. Social and personal development is KEY to establishing a strong foundation for academic development. Socially and emotionally balanced students feel stronger and happier from within, which positively affects their academic motivation and grades.

Community building at ISR is also about instilling a sense of belonging. Our students and parents identify with the values at ISR and are proud to part of the ISR family.

Our teachers take a deep interest in each student’s development. They show they care by encouraging students to do well, challenging them to do even better and acknowledging them for a job well done. Teachers also inspire students by expressing passion and commitment for what they love to do. They see each student’s strengths and encourage them to develop their strengths, for example by getting involved as SLO® Prefects or joining a sports team.

Emotional & Behavioral Guidance

The student management team is most often known for the valuable support she offers students as they mature and face life’s challenges. Using a coach-approach, our team helps students become aware of their behavior and attitude choices. The team guides students to come up with their own solutions which helps empower them to make responsible decisions for which they are willing to be held accountable. The team and child, in cooperation with the parents when necessary, work together until the issue has been resolved.

Disciplinary Intervention

In the few cases where disciplinary measures are needed for a student, the student management team will intervene, speak to the child (and parents when necessary) to come up with effective solutions to the problem. The intervention of the student management team in behavior management at ISR allows the teachers to focus on teaching and maximize learning outcomes, while the team handles behavioral issues.

Supervisor Management

In addition, the school has a team of supervisors who ensure that students are behaving appropriately and responsibly when they are on the playground, cafeteria or going to and from classes.

lyons eileen

Ms. Lyons

School Director

meyers elizabeth 2015

Ms. Meyers

Academic Quality Coordinator (AQC)
Grades 1–4

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Ms. Rageb

Academic Quality Coordinator (AQC)
Grades 5–8

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Ms. McGee

Academic Quality Coordinator (AQC)
Grades 9–10

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